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The clinic of aesthetic medicine "OTTIMO" has begun the activity in March, 2005. The leading surgeon of clinic - the maxillofacial surgeon, the plastic surgeon, Gogiberidze Otari, simultaneously is its founder.

The clinic is located in prestigious area of capital. The cosy atmosphere of our clinic has to carrying out of surgical operations and aesthetic procedures, and your personal adviser - the surgeon or врач-the cosmetician will consider all your wishes and being guided by experience and knowledge will pick up that procedure on leaving which will approach you.

The basic direction of activity of clinic - plastic surgery and therapeutic cosmetology.

In clinic kinds of complex and rejuvenating plastic operations on the person and a body for treatment of the congenital and got cosmetic lacks are spent all.

Experts of clinic "OTTIMO" will give you professional advice on care of a leather of the person and a body. Cosmeticians offer the complex approach to treatment and care of a leather, individual programs. In our clinic the best, checked up dermatological preparations, such firms as are used only: Sotis (France), Yansen (Germany).