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The museum is opened on December, 15th, 1999. It was placed in the house of former manor of the end of XVIII century - a private residence of a merchant of Gubin, constructed by architect Matvey Kazakov. The founder and became the President of the Russian academy of arts Z.K.Tsereteli first director of a museum. Many exhibits in assembly of a museum - from its personal collection which has been presented by the owner in gift.

The museum represents the basic stages of formation and the further development of art of a vanguard direction. The Most part of a collection consists of domestic products, but, at the same time, the significant section is devoted to works of foreign authors. For example Pablo Picasso's graphic sheets are included in a constant exposition, Fernan Legue, Miro, Salvador Dali sculptures, Armand, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Anri Russo's painting.

One of bright exhibits of a museum, alongside with a monumental sculpture, the fragment of a ladder of Tour d'Eiffel, dismantled during its reconstruction is. About hundred years this ladder flight it carried out utilitarian function, now - an exhibit of is art-historical value.

In a museum the constant exposition and time exhibitions operates. At a museum School of the modern art "Free workshops" works.